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Debbie Finlay Scholarship - for Conferences
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Debbie Finlay Scholarship Program

Deadline for Applications to attend 2020 ASBO and SASBO meetings: December 20, 2019.

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About the Scholarship Program

In an effort to further enhance the educational and networking opportunities for its membership beyond state boundaries, LASBO is introducing a scholarship program which will provide financial assistance for selected members to attend future SASBO and ASBO Annual Conferences.  This scholarship is provided to the LASBO membership through the generosity of dedicated sponsors who have the desire to further assist in the professional development of LASBO members.

Scholarships will be awarded for SASBO Annual Conference in the amount of $1,000 and for ASBO Annual Conference in the amount of $1,400.  This financial support is designed to provide for conference registration and all or most of the cost for accommodations.  Each recipient of a scholarship or the recipient’s school district will be financially responsible for any other costs associated with conference attendance.

As conference costs change due to location or economical reasons, the scholarship amounts may be reviewed by the LASBO Board of Directors and scholarship sponsors for adjustment.

Scholarship recipient will, within 45 days of returning from the attended conference, submit a thank you letter to the sponsors, through the LASBO board, expressing the value of his/her experience, identifying some best practices learned and particularly identifying any practices which he/she is recommending implementing at their school district. received through the generosity of these dedicated sponsors to the LASBO board.  The scholarship recipient may be expected to make presentations at future LASBO conferences and to participate in a future leadership role on the LASBO Board of Directors or as a LASBO officer when vacancies arise.     


A completed application form together with required attachments must be timely submitted to the scholarship committee in order to be eligible.  Any active, certified (CLSBA, CLSBO, CLSBS, or CLCSBP) LASBO member may be eligible to receive a scholarship. Click here for the application.


Applicants will be scored based on the following criteria:

Background – Includes certifications, designations, years of experience, and years of membership.  Maximum 25 points

Participation – Includes LASBO conferences attended, state or regional LASBO board or committees served, and involvement in other LASBO activities.  Maximum 25 points

Essay Content – Maximum 50 points

Scholarship Committee

The Scholarship Committee will be appointed by the President and will consist of three past LASBO presidents who previously attended a SASBO or ASBO Annual Conference and the SASBO director.  The committee will be appointed for a three year period. The committee will review and score the applications and make recommendations to the Board for recipients of the scholarships based on scholarship funds available.

Announcement of Awards  

Scholarship awards will made each year at the LASBO Annual Spring Conference.



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