Application Procedures

Persons seeking certification must submit their application form to the chair of LASBO’s Certification Committee within the deadlines established by the Committee. The Committee, which is appointed by the Board, administers the program and safeguards its credibility. Members serve overlapping 3-year terms.

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Applicants may apply for the appropriate designation for which they qualify. Certified appointees may hold only one certificate designation at a time. Using the policies, rules, and regulations adopted by the Board, the Committee reviews each application and the accompanying documentation and recommends either approval or denial to the Board. The Committee may request additional information, as necessary, before making a recommendation. Failure to provide information re-quested by the Committee is grounds for denial.

Approval Process

All applications recommended for approval by the Certification Committee are submitted to the LASBO Board of Directors at their next regular meeting. The Board considers each for final approval and issues the appropriate certificates, to be awarded at LASBO’s Spring Conference.

Denial & Appeal Process

When an application is not recommended for approval by the Committee and is therefore denied by the Board, the applicant is notified in writing. The correspondence sets forth the reasons for denial and explains the applicant’s right to appeal the decision of the Committee. An applicant may appeal by sending written notice to the Board of Directors. The notice must be received within 30 days of the date of denial notice. All documents supporting the appeal must be received by the Board within 60 days of the original notice of denial. All appeals are reviewed by the Board, and its decision is final. No further appeals will be accepted.


A professional certificate may be revoked by the Board for the following reasons: (1) falsification or misrepresentation of information in the application process; (2) violation of the LASBO Code of Ethics or LASBO Standards of Conduct; (3) failure to maintain an active or life membership in LASBO; or (4) failure to complete the 60 hours of continuing credit at the end of the 3-year period.

Change in Designation

A person holding a CLSBS certification may apply for a CLSBO certificate after meeting the appropriate responsibility and tenure requirements. A CLSBO may apply for a CSLBA certificate after meeting the appropriate responsibility and tenure requirements and completing the additional courses in 5 of the 7 key functional areas (15 total courses). A CLCSBP may apply for a CLCSBA certificate after meeting the appropriate responsibility and tenure requirements and completing the additional courses in 5 of the 7 key functional areas (15 total courses).

Reinstatement to Active Status

CLSBA’s, CLCSBA’s, CLSBO’s, CLSBS’s, and CLCSBP’s in good standing when they retire or resign may reinstate their certificate if they become re-employed. Persons requesting reinstatement would apply in writing to the Certification Committee within 6 months of re-employment. The Committee will forward the request, their recommendations and conditions for reinstatement to the LASBO Board of Directors for approval.

Certification Renewal

All certificates for CLSBA, CLCSBA, CLSBO, CLSBS and CLCSBP are valid for 3 years from the date granted or prorated to keep 3-year terms consistent with existing certificate holders. These certificates may be renewed for another 3-year period after the incumbent completes these renewal requirements:

  • Maintain an active membership in LASBO during all years of certification
  • Complete a minimum of 20 hours of continuing credit each year (or 60 hours at the end of the 3-year period beginning on January 1 of the year receiving certification or renewal) and have documentation of these credits on file with the Certification Committee

The purpose of the continuing credit requirement is to ensure that a certificate holder remains knowledgeable and up-to-date in his or her field of administration.